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Content by Alessandré Petzer

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Hello Paris!

Aweh: South African Slang. A greeting, affirmation or statement acknowledging mutual agreement

Pronounced, in french, like "Ah-Oui" 

Paris an iconic city, defies definition partly because it's beauty comes from the influx of influences that make it the cultural capital it is. Of course the buildings and institutions immaculately reflect golden eras of different moments in history, but it's life are the people and their "savoir faire" and flair.

Feel free to share, ask any questions or send any information or upcoming events/exhibitions.

Alessandre Petzer was born near and raised in Mosselbay, South Africa.  She graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town in 2015. She currently lives in Paris, France, thriving to document South Africans in the city and share experiences with those curious as to what exists beyond the touristic veneer.