Parisians curate public Jeff Koons sculpture

It belongs "In front of Trump Tower" really putting the "Social" in media. Citizens are vocalising their suggestions in protest to this "public" art piece, & the outcry is getting louder. This is becoming one of my favourite feuds.

What I imagine as the subtext is that the organiser or art dealer- hoping to benefit from this public piece as being for the 'people', is not listening or responding to the growing outrage. This is very A LA TRUMP calling everyone who's opinion that differs FAKE NEWS. Well then the opposition claps back, then you can put these fake tulips, where the meaning is better aligned: TRUMP TOWERS.

What I love about this suggestion to put it in front of Trump Towers, is about merging populism with elitism. That rich people use their power for self gratification and with this confidence and many other reasons, they receive followers for a large number of other reasons. However the french public know a lot about art, and are defying this sculpture's sentimentality. Will it be just a site for selfies? Really the laquer of appeal is very thin by residents.

Public sculpture is not about the artist's intentions only. The artist has to be sensitive to the public and for a pop artist to be unpopular with the public does not bode well. The recuration by the public to put "it" in front of Trump towers, I must agree is far more accurate. The artist may not agree but who gets to decide what is in the benefit for the public? 

If you do not listen to the public outcry that this seemingly well-intentioned piece is tone deaf and therefore hideous to the Parisians who have lived through this experience. If you doubt that Parisians are aware of how art works and how meaning is made in a space (Paris) then you're probably being a kitschtator. And your hair will turn Oros Orange.

Must be nice right to reject a Jeff Koons? No, I cannot envision that the "monumental sculpture planned as a memorial to the 2015 terrorist attacks at Paris’s Bataclan concert hall" is a manifestation that is sensitively constructed. And is not being dealt with sensitively and will therefore not be rejected sensitively. A public that is aware they have authority too and use it, is how democracy works. How America works is something else.

Jeff Koon's work has been reproduced ad infinitum and although, I am often one of the first to defend kitschocracy. This is not the time. In light of the scale and placement of this public art piece and above all it's reasoning I cannot agree more with the french public who have deemed this piece REPULSIVE.

This to me reeks of the people who think art can be owned protecting their investment interests. And in true French Revolution style the people are not having it. Bets are on that this Marie Antoinette is going to get snipped.

End of rant.