Upcoming Exhibitions to See in September

Working List of Exhibitions to see in Paris September 2018

Zao Wou-Ki -"Space is Silence" 

Ryoji Ikeda -Centre Pompidou

Bronwyn Katz -@Palais de Tokyo

Pablo Picasso - @Musee D'Orsay (Apparently there's a whole new reason to see this exhibition "Blue and Rose" Lolz)

Group Show celebrating the 30th anniversary of Le Monde Arabe-"Un œil ouvert sur le monde arabe"

Alphonse Mucha- Art Nouveau -Musee de Luxombourg

"Caravaggio in Rome, friends and enemies" -Musee Jacquemart-Andre



When you're new to Paris you may not know that the Summer months the city is converted into a ghost town, where decorative tumble weeds blow through the wide Napoleonic Boulevards. In actual fact as a tourist, it's business as usual cramming in all the sights, but for the locals the story is completely different.

The view from the otherside is very different, locals leave the city in droves. Seeking cooler Summer retreats than the beating city heat which leaves almost everyone feint or disgruntled.  Paris is so spectacularly popular worldwide as a vacation destination, perhaps it is this reason that some wouldn't at first notice. But then eerily once you've lived in Paris for a little while, this phenomenon becomes noticeable.

This makes September a wonderful time to visit Paris. Everyone has returned and is hopefully still relaxed from their vacations. The city itself is eager to welcome it's offspring and culturally a lot is kicking off this month.