La Gaite Lyrique [Miranda Moss showing]

La Gaite Lyrique had diverse art and technology instillations, which a swarm of Parisian children engulfed.

Days are Dogs //Camille Henrot

16th Arrondissement//Paris

The Palais de Tokyo is at once disrmingly charming as well as being intimidating in size and palatial opulence.

The Palais de Tokyo is open from Midday to Midnight and is definitely a thought provoking and fresh experience in terms of museum curation. Evening hours you'll see cool people enjoy the ravishing the gift/curio/book store or the ambiance of a fiercely contemporary exhibition.

Xualing Hu

Sant-Ouen, Paris

Artist Instagram : @Xualinghu

I wonder what the most northern tip of Paris was like before the gentrifcation started. It seems perhaps to be one of those neighbourhoods that is constantly in a state of improvement. For some it is a complete overhaul, perhaps as the tip of the spear it is a place of permanent revolution? 
I walked past a gallery and saw the oil paintings of my dreams (and nightmares). Which is lucky because the area is well known as the largest fleamarket in Europe, so to stumble upon such Fine Art was a lucky find. A friend was doing a photoshoot close to where I had temporarily moved. Almost in the Banlieu you think you've been banished from the "must know/do/see" of Paris, but surprisingly or rather unsurprisingly Paris is that rich that it continues to inspire and surprise you.


4th Arrondissement // Paris

A showstopping exhibition. What does one call a series of David Hockney works? A swarm? A flock? A celebration of artworks. A retrospective of his work from sketch, to his huge acrylic paintings to a timelapse of one of his ipad drawings processes secures that the iconic temparament of his work is shared with the masses. 


A very appropriate celebration for the Centre Pompidou 40 years hallmark//1977-2017


POMPS, France (4 of 5)-2.jpg
POMPS, France (5 of 5)-2.jpg


Having not known before that Hockney lived and was influenced by Paris, it was *a moment to see the retrospective that celebrated 40 years of the artist's work, in the Centre Pompidou. A post-modernist haven and heart of the iconic art capital of the world, Parisdice.

Photos were not allowed, but it was too irresistable. I braved the disapproving stares.

What I loved most was firstly the use of Acrylic as a medium on large scale paintings, the Matte effect on this scale looks timeless. (We'll pretend none of these paintings needed work done). Some look upon acrylic as "low brow" compared to the more historical tradition of Oil Painting. Disregarding tradition: the wit and tact of his titles and visual references makes up my second favourite part of this retrospective. Although my love for David Hockney's work is limitless, having spent some time studying his Ipad drawings at Art school, I was absolutely thriving in the exhibition that showed a range of his later works. Even a timelapse video of him drawing on an ipad. This story of painterly decisions and indecisions becomes a movie filled with suspense, comedy and regret. All my favourite genres accomplished so easily allowing access into the artist's process.

Self Portrait of the Artist, Charcoal

Self Portrait of the Artist,

Dior Exhibition at Musee Arts Decoratifs

1st Arrondissement, Paris

Apologies for the blurry photos, flash was not allowed but images from an @Dior retrospective are to inspiring not to share.