Xualing Hu

Sant-Ouen, Paris

Artist Instagram : @Xualinghu

I wonder what the most northern tip of Paris was like before the gentrifcation started. It seems perhaps to be one of those neighbourhoods that is constantly in a state of improvement. For some it is a complete overhaul, perhaps as the tip of the spear it is a place of permanent revolution? 
I walked past a gallery and saw the oil paintings of my dreams (and nightmares). Which is lucky because the area is well known as the largest fleamarket in Europe, so to stumble upon such Fine Art was a lucky find. A friend was doing a photoshoot close to where I had temporarily moved. Almost in the Banlieu you think you've been banished from the "must know/do/see" of Paris, but surprisingly or rather unsurprisingly Paris is that rich that it continues to inspire and surprise you.